Introducing Engagement Check-In

Infinite Campus now includes in Campus Learning a way to help you know how your students are doing

Regardless of whether you see your students in person, through distance learning, or hybrid, you need to know how they are doing as people, in addition to how they’re doing academically. When students walk into your classroom you often sense when something is up with them, but with other students around it can be difficult to check in. How are they doing in your class? Do they feel welcome and safe? What kinds of assignments do they struggle with? Of course, when you aren’t seeing your students in person, learning this information about them gets even trickier.  

It is because this type of information is vital to helping you be a great teacher that I’m so excited to tell you about Engagement Check-In, now included in Campus Learning from Infinite Campus. Campus now lets you pick questions and give them to your students so they can quickly give you a sense of their well-being, engagement in class and/or engagement with the curriculum. When your students respond, you can filter their answers to see who might need a follow up. You’ll also have their feedback when making curriculum choices because you let them give voice to their preferences and learning styles. 

Learn how to create an Engagement Check-in and view student responses in this video or read about it in this documentation.  

About Discussions

Discussions are available when teachers have the Discussions tool right. (Districts with a Campus Learning license can choose which teachers get this tool right.) 

Teachers with access to the Discussion tool see an additional button in the new Control Center.  

Click the button to view the Discussions created for the sections in this period. 

Click here to learn about Discussions. 

Ask Question allows students to reach out

Ask Question is available to teachers when their district enables it in Portal Preferences on Campus version .2104. Not sure what version you are on? Click here to learn how to find out. 

NEW! Questions: If your district has enabled this for you to use, you have the option to enable it yourself in settings for each period that appears on your Control Center (see below). Once it’s enabled, a new button appears in the Control Center.  

Here’s what the Student Questions button looks like once it’s been enabled in Settings for a period. 

When enabled, students in every section in the period see a similar hand button in Campus Student. Students can use the button to ask you a question or just let you know they’d like your help. This setting turns on the button for all students in all sections in the period. 

When the button appears with an orange circle with a number, a student or students are telling you they want your attention. Click the button to find out which students have asked a question or raised their hand. 

If you have students physically present in your classroom, you can use this feature to let your students ask for your help during quiet work time and it may also help your students who may be reluctant to raise their hand and let their peers see they’re asking for your help. Of course, students working remotely can ask you a question or raise their hand and you’re able to see that and respond. 

Typing a response and clicking Reply sends the response to the student. When a response isn’t needed, clicking Dismiss removes the student’s comment or question from the list of questions. 

Customize Your Control Center

Get ready to take control over your new Control Center! Step one, toggle it on. In addition to being more intuitive, the changes will allow Infinite Campus to add more tools for teachers moving forward. While the changes may seem dramatic, everything you currently use is still there; it just looks better! This post walks you through the changes. 

The old Control Center is organized as a list with buttons to take attendance and score assignments. In the new Control Center, you’ll see a card for each class period. The Control Center still has the same quick access for attendance and scoring assignments, and the new design also allows you to customize each period’s card. 

First, let’s take a look at the difference between the two screens.  

Control Center today lists your periods in the order they are scheduled. It is set up like a table with column headers for section, attendance, and assignments that have come due and still need scores, including online submissions.  

To see the new Control Center, just toggle it on. 

The new Control Center separates each period into its own “card,” uses icons and labels for the different buttons, and allows for customization. 

Attendance: Click on the Attendance button and the same side panel you’ve been using appears. 

Score: The same list of Assignments you’re used to appears when you click this button. If there is a number by it, like there is in the class shown below, assignments have come due that don’t yet have scores. 

Discussions: If you see the Discussions button (as shown below), that means your Campus admin has given you access to the Discussions tool. Click it to see the list of current Discussions. To learn more about Discussions, click here

New! Settings: The gear button displays the settings for this period’s card. You can customize each card’s display name, icon, and icon color. Great for helping you tell which period is which. You can also manage your students’ access to Student Questions, if your district has granted you access. Here’s an example of what you can do. 

Customize the name of the period: This teacher has changed the name from “1) 1100-1 Integrated Math I” to “P1 Int. Math I”  

Next, all the sections included in this period are listed. In this example, there is just the one 1100-1 Integrated Math I section. 

Icons are next. This teacher chose the function icon for this class. 

After that is the color customization. This teacher chose red for this class. 

After she saves, her new customized Control Center for her period 1 looks like this: 

Student Questions: If you see an Enable Student Questions checkbox in your settings, click here to learn more. 

Now you can customize your Control Center and make it your own! 

For more information, check out this video on the Control Center.

If you have trouble viewing this video, click here to open the video in a new tab.

No more Grade Book double-entering for teachers using Google Classroom

Google announced they are making Google Classroom Grade Sync available to all districts using Infinite Campus on August 11, 2020. The connection was previously only available to districts participating in Google’s beta program. 

What does this mean for teachers? First, there’s some setup your district and you need to do (see below). Once you are all set up, your Google Classroom gradebook will talk to your Infinite Campus Grade Book – no more re-entering assignments and scores in Infinite Campus! All you need to do is click the “sync” button in Google Classroom, confirm each assignment is aligned as you desire in Campus, and you are done!  Continue reading “No more Grade Book double-entering for teachers using Google Classroom”

Using Campus Learning for online instruction

These are interesting times.  

As more and more schools close their doors to curb the spread of COVID-19 and expecteachers to move lessons online, a new challenge emerges. Teachers need tools to assist in e-learning, and need to figure out how to use them. 

To do our part, last Monday Infinite Campus offered licenses for the Campus Learning LMS to all Campus districts for free until the end of June 2020. This means your district’s Campus administrator has the ability to give you access to all features of Campus Learning immediately. Sorry, but since Infinite Campus always works through districts, we can’t give you access ourselves. 

If you have never used Campus Learning before and are now being asked to learn it and continue teaching simultaneously, that’s a big ask. But it’s not as daunting as it may seem. Here are some resources to help. 

Continue reading “Using Campus Learning for online instruction”

New for teachers in 2019

With the new year, I’d like to take a look back at the new features and tools Infinite Campus provided teachers in 2019.  Continue reading “New for teachers in 2019”

November brings new tools for teachers!

Version .1945 includes a new Advisory tool, Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics, and a new Score screen in Progress Monitor

November is bringing more new features to teachers who use Infinite Campus! All Campus teachers have a new tool: the Advisory tool. For teachers with the Campus Learning LMS, there are two new additions: Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics and the Score Screen in Progress Monitor. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll recall I previewed the Score Screen last month.

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Teachers discuss their use of Campus Learning tools at Minnesota conference

Minnesota Educators Academy (MEA) was held on Oct. 17, 2019. It was a beautiful day in downtown St. Paul.

Last week two groups of teachers highlighted Campus Learning tools at the Minnesota Educators Academy (MEA) Conference held at the RiverCentre in St. Paul, MN. The annual conference, hosted by the state’s union of educators, draws teachers from across Minnesota.  Continue reading “Teachers discuss their use of Campus Learning tools at Minnesota conference”

Minnesota teachers: free training at MEA!

Learn about Campus Learning at Minnesota Educator Academy (MEA) and get free stuff!

There are two sessions at MEA this year focusing on how teachers are using Campus Learning tools! MEA is on Thursday, Oct. 17 at St. Paul RiverCentre. It is free and open to all Education Minnesota members and aspiring educators.   Continue reading “Minnesota teachers: free training at MEA!”