We heard you: Using your feedback to make new assignment editor better

Infinite Campus version .2116 includes enhancements to the new assignment editor, all because of teacher feedback. Campus.2116 will be available April 12. Not all districts take updates when they are available. Talk to your district’s Campus administrator to learn when you will see these enhancements. 

Adding sections 

The first improvement is adding sections to an assignment is now a lot less work.

Rather than saving before adding additional sections, a Save and Add Sections button has been added. This new button eliminates clicks by taking you directly to the Section Selector.  

Once you’ve added more sections, the screen displaying settings for all the sections has also been improved. 

Previously, today’s date would display, but now the Start/End Date for the original assignment are used.

Grading Setup Fill has also been improved. If you want to change any part of the Grading Setup for all the sections, you can do that here. That includes number of points, abbreviation, sequence, and more. 

A big thank you 

A big thank you to all the teachers and educators  who provided feedback needed to make these improvements. Whether you helped during the initial development process, or you submitted your suggestions through a feedback form, we thank you. The enhancements you see here are all based on feedback from you. 

More enhancements are coming – we want your feedback 

More enhancements are anticipated to come out over the summer and will be based on your feedback.  If you want to provide feedback, please do! Simply click the Feedback button on the Control Center and type in your feedback. We read everything we get. 

The second option is to participate in usability testing. The sign-up page has information if you want to learn more. 

We need your feedback!

I recently posted a video about the “new look” teachers in some districts are able to try. It included a link to a previous blog post all about the “new look.”  

If you are able to access the “new look,” and are willing to do so, we would very much like your feedback! Our development team is closing in on the final design and now is the time to influence what all Campus users, not just teachers, can experience next school year. 

There are two ways to give feedback. 

  • Use the feedback button. Located in the same place you toggled the “new look” on, you can access a feedback form. 


  • On a Community Forum. Here’s a link to a forum created specifically for teachers to discuss the “new look.” Contribute your thoughts to the thread. 

Win a $50 Amazon gift card 

Anyone who contributes to the New Look Feedback forum by Friday, March 20 will be automatically entered in a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card! Toggle on the New Look, give it a test run and let us know what you think! 

Video showcasing the “New Look” for teachers

Back in June, I posted about the “new look” of Campus for teachers. That post is chock full of information about the new experience with lots of screenshots and links to additional information. This new way of navigating around Campus is available to many teachers today, and now there’s a video overview available. Take a look! 

Teacher reports keep getting better

Generating reports for students, for parents/guardians, or for you as a teacher as you plan instruction are all so important. That’s why a project here at Infinite Campus to improve reports for teachers is ongoing. And at the beginning of January, more improvements were made. 

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New for teachers in 2019

With the new year, I’d like to take a look back at the new features and tools Infinite Campus provided teachers in 2019.  Continue reading “New for teachers in 2019”

November brings new tools for teachers!

Version .1945 includes a new Advisory tool, Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics, and a new Score screen in Progress Monitor

November is bringing more new features to teachers who use Infinite Campus! All Campus teachers have a new tool: the Advisory tool. For teachers with the Campus Learning LMS, there are two new additions: Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics and the Score Screen in Progress Monitor. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll recall I previewed the Score Screen last month.

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Free webinars for teachers coming soon

Whether you are new or seasoned Campus user, I’m happy to announce six upcoming webinar sessions called Campus Learning Tips & Tricks. Each webinar is 60 minutes and you’ll walk away with an update on all the cool new things you can do in Campus Learning. You have lots of choices for dates and times, but they’re coming up fast. Best of all these sessions are free and open to anyone so invite your colleagues!  Continue reading “Free webinars for teachers coming soon”

All about Campus – Just for Teachers

I am so excited to tell you about what’s happening with campuslearning.com! Not only is it already a place for teachers to get all kinds of important information, but it is just gonna keep getting better.  Continue reading “All about Campus – Just for Teachers”

ISTE Report + Free Resources

Last week I was at ISTE! It was my first time there and it was definitely an experience. It was, among other things: overwhelming, inspirational, exhausting, illuminating, and fun. My favorite part was talking to teachers – whether it was at the Infinite Campus booth, during listen and learn sessions, at the poster sessions, or just sitting down to have a cup of coffee.  Continue reading “ISTE Report + Free Resources”

Teachers ‘test drive’ New Look of Campus tools

Campus Instruction Feature 1925Some teachers have already been using and providing feedback on a new look for Campus where all of your tools from Campus Instruction and Campus Tools are available in one place. No more clicking back and forth between! It’s part of a whole new look and feel that is coming to Infinite Campus. We are looking for more teachers to try it out and let us know what you think while it is still in development. It’s safe to do – if you turn it on and don’t like it, you can turn it off and try it again after more changes have been made.  Continue reading “Teachers ‘test drive’ New Look of Campus tools”