All about Campus – Just for Teachers

I am so excited to tell you about what’s happening with! Not only is it already a place for teachers to get all kinds of important information, but it is just gonna keep getting better. 

Just for teachers 

Infinite Campus does a lot. Teachers use just part of it. Counselors, administrators, office staff, lunchroom staff, and others use the other parts. If you want information on posting grades, for example, you don’t want to sift through information for all the different parts of Campus. You just want stuff for teachers. That’s what is all about. It’s a place for teachers to find what they need to make the most of Campus, fast. Because it’s way more important that you spend as much time as you can with your students instead of looking for the Campus info you need. 

Share with your colleagues 

When you find information important to your work, it should be easy to share it with your PLC or other colleagues – and it is! You have quick access along the left side to share what you find on through social media, email, and other ways. If a question comes up during a meeting and you find the documentation to show the whole team how to answer it, you can share it right from the page! 

What’s there 

The site is organized into six major sections. I’ll explain what they each do plus show you a few other features. 


Understand Campus 

This is the big one! It’s so big, there are two places on the main page to access it – from the Understand Campus section and from the Header. 


This is where you can learn how to use Campus. Whether you have a specific question or just want to learn more about what Campus offers you, this is the place to go. 


When you click on Understand Campus, you go right to a search menu. From the search menu, you can choose a tool from the drop down list or simply type some keywords and review the results. Say you want to learn how to create a discussion. When you type in “create discussion,” 13 results come back. 


Notice the icons that appear with each result. You can choose how to learn about the topic. The icons represent: 




study guide iconStudy Guide  

Notice also that you can change the results to only show older records to reflect functionality for older versions of Campus 

clcom version

If you are running an older version of Campus, it might be frustrating to see results that aren’t applicable. Using the dropdown, indicate the version of Campus you are using to get the best results. Not sure what version you are on? Click here to learn how to find out. 

Release Notes 

The other thing I want to draw your attention to in the Header is the link for Release Notes.  

clcom release notes2

When something new comes out in Campus that affects teachers, it will be listed here. When you click Release Notes, you will see the most recent version’s update at the top and older Notes below.  


Each entry is identified both by date and version number. You can scroll down to see the release notes in order from most recent or you can navigate by clicking on specific dates along the left side. Each entry gives a summary of the changes and the title of most will be a link for more information. 

Events and Opportunities  

We always want your feedback, which is why there are several places within Campus where you see a feedback button. If you like giving feedback, usability testing is another way to do it. Usability testing takes a few different forms, but generally speaking, you are scheduled into an appointment and are shown something new. You are asked to complete a few tasks using the new software and talk through your thinking as you do so. This can be done remotely, so you can be anywhere it is quiet and has an internet connection, and still participate. These sessions normally take up to an hour and you are compensated for your time with a gift card. More information is available at the link, including a FAQ section. 

If you are interested in usability testing, sign up. When a development team is ready to test something with teachers, they look through the list of people who have registered. Sometimes they are looking for specific types of teachers – say elementary. Or maybe they want a mix so they look for a couple from elementary, a couple from middle school years and couple high school teachers. The team then sends out invitations to participate. If you are available and interested, they will get you scheduled. 

It is possible to be invited more than once – depending on the needs of the development teams. 

What’s new? 

The What’s new? section is just what it sounds like. There are several topics to look through and click on for a video or more information. 

Teachers On Campus blog 

That’s a link to this blog. It’s an easy place to go to share the link out to your colleagues or to check in every couple of weeks if you haven’t subscribed yet. (Or you could just subscribe and then you don’t have to worry about it!) On average, I post something every other week. You will only get an email when something posts – I promise this blog will never spam you! 

Social Media 

Check Infinite Campus out on Facebook and Twitter to see company updates, announcements, events and other happenings. 

Campus Community 

There’s also a quick link to Campus Community. In addition to all the resources available in the Understand Campus section, you can visit Campus Community. Here, you can access all resources in the Knowledge Base – for teachers AND counselors, administrators, office staff, lunchroom staff, etc. – everything. Plus you have access to Forums and news.  

Campus Community is chockfull of information. It is a great place if you want to know the ins and outs of all parts of Infinite Campus, or if you wear multiple hats in your district and you need to know about more aspects of Campus than what you use in your teaching role. 

More is coming 

There’s a lot to investigate at – and there’s more to come! We are already planning more resources for teachers but could use your ideas too. What do you need? How can we make this site better for teachers? Leave a message on this post or use the Contact tab to send me your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you! 

ISTE Report + Free Resources

Last week I was at ISTE! It was my first time there and it was definitely an experience. It was, among other things: overwhelming, inspirational, exhausting, illuminating, and fun. My favorite part was talking to teachers – whether it was at the Infinite Campus booth, during listen and learn sessions, at the poster sessions, or just sitting down to have a cup of coffee.  Continue reading “ISTE Report + Free Resources”

Teachers ‘test drive’ New Look of Campus tools

Campus Instruction Feature 1925Some teachers have already been using and providing feedback on a new look for Campus where all of your tools from Campus Instruction and Campus Tools are available in one place. No more clicking back and forth between! It’s part of a whole new look and feel that is coming to Infinite Campus. We are looking for more teachers to try it out and let us know what you think while it is still in development. It’s safe to do – if you turn it on and don’t like it, you can turn it off and try it again after more changes have been made.  Continue reading “Teachers ‘test drive’ New Look of Campus tools”

We hear you! Control Center evolves with ideas from teachers

We’re releasing a slew of enhancements to the Campus Instruction Feature 1925Control Center with the 1925 release, available later this month. (Not sure what version of Campus you are on? Click here to find out how to tell. And remember, not every district takes an update at the same time. Talk to your district’s Campus admin to find out when you will see these changes.) If you’re a teacher, this is the first screen you see after you login to Campus. The thing I’m most excited about is all of the things we made better were asked for by you and your colleagues!  Continue reading “We hear you! Control Center evolves with ideas from teachers”

School Spotlight: Avalon is teacher-powered

This is the fourth and final part in a series about Avalon School, a model charter school in St. Paul. (Click here to read the introductory post, here to read about student projects, and here to read about Avalon’s schedule.)

A teacher-powered school is one that is run by the teachers.  At Avalon School, there are no administrators. One teacher has administrative credentials, though they aren’t required to have anyone with an administrative license at a charter school. Instead, several teachers take some time during the day to fulfill the administrative duties. All decisions, however, are made collectively by the staff.  Continue reading “School Spotlight: Avalon is teacher-powered”

Introducing Katie!

Guest blogger Katie Pimlott makes Campus easier to understand

Greetings teachers! My name is Katie and I’m the technical writer for the Teaching & Learning team – the area of Infinite Campus that builds tools for teachers, parents, and students. I write the stuff that Cathy often links to that gives more detail of what her post is talking about.   Continue reading “Introducing Katie!”

School Spotlight: A different kind of schedule at Avalon

This is the third in a four-part series about Avalon School, a model charter school in St. Paul. (Click here to read the introductory post and here to read about student projects.) During my visit, the nontraditional schedule stood out as one aspect that was instrumental in making everything work.  Continue reading “School Spotlight: A different kind of schedule at Avalon”

I’m going to ISTE – are you?

This will be my first time attending the ISTE Conference, held this year June 23-26 in Philadelphia. I’m excited to meet and talk to teachers and learn about some of the great things happening in classrooms around the country. In fact, I’m so excited about meeting you that I’m going to give out free gifts to the first 100 Teachers On Campus subscribers who visit the Infinite Campus booth. Just make sure you subscribe by June 15 so I can have your gift ready for you!  Continue reading “I’m going to ISTE – are you?”

School Spotlight: Avalon is project-based

This is the second in a four-part series about Avalon School, a model charter school in St. Paul. (Click here to read the introductory post.) During my visit, I had the opportunity to ask some students about their projects. They were clearly motivated to do the work and passionate about the projects they put together.  Continue reading “School Spotlight: Avalon is project-based”

Teacher feedback informs changes to Reports

Campus Instruction Feature 1921

Thank you to all the teachers who submitted feedback to Infinite Campus! Many teachers submit feedback every day, sometimes through a feedback button in Campus or through Campus Community. Even though you might not get a response right away, know your comments are read, compiled, and given to a development team when they begin a new project. This is exactly what happened with Reports. 

Continue reading “Teacher feedback informs changes to Reports”