Does Google Classroom connect to Infinite Campus?

I read a lot of feedback that comes to Infinite Campus from teachers. One common question is if Google Classroom integrates with Infinite Campus. The honest answer is … it depends on your district. I know that is frustrating to hear, but in this post, I hope to help you know whom to ask and what to ask them to find out if the integration will work in your district. 

Whom to ask 

For any integration to work, all sides have work to do – in this case, Infinite Campus, Google, and, to a lesser extent, your district. For teachers, your district – or more specifically, your district’s Campus administrator – will have the answers. 

What to ask your Campus administrator 

Google Classroom supports integration with some Infinite Campus districts, but not all. It all depends on how your district manages where the Campus software is installed. This is called the “hosting model.” If your district uses a hosting model where Infinite Campus fully manages everything, Google Classroom will support the integration. In Campus terms, the two hosting models Google has chosen to support are called “Infinite Campus Cloud” and “Campus Cloud Choice.” If the district has a different hosting model for Campus, Google Classroom does not support it. 

So, the question to ask your Infinite Campus administrator is: What is our district’s Infinite Campus hosting model? If the answer is Infinite Campus Cloud or Campus Cloud Choice, then the integration will work. If the answer is anything else, it won’t. 

What does Google say? 

Here is Google Classroom’s official statement about their support of the integration. 

Google Classroom supports exporting grades to Infinite Campus customers that use a SaaS solution that Infinite Campus fully hosts and manages. Google is unable to provide support to districts that run;  

•    Infinite Campus software through district on-premises deployment  

•    Cloud deployments not managed directly by Infinite Campus  

When the Infinite Campus service is running on servers that are managed by a district-hosted deployment or any other non-SIS provider such as AWS/GCP, instead of on servers that are managed by Infinite Campus, Infinite Campus is not in control of the maintenance and configuration of those servers. This means that things like firewalls, query throughput and latency differences, and other factors may vary between deployments; furthermore the ability to debug fully is generally spread across multiple organizations and admin groups. Google is unable to support all of these variations across district-hosted deployments at scale. 

You can learn more about Google’s eligibility requirements and connecting Classroom to Infinite Campus here. 

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