Introducing Engagement Check-In

Infinite Campus now includes in Campus Learning a way to help you know how your students are doing

Regardless of whether you see your students in person, through distance learning, or hybrid, you need to know how they are doing as people, in addition to how they’re doing academically. When students walk into your classroom you often sense when something is up with them, but with other students around it can be difficult to check in. How are they doing in your class? Do they feel welcome and safe? What kinds of assignments do they struggle with? Of course, when you aren’t seeing your students in person, learning this information about them gets even trickier.  

It is because this type of information is vital to helping you be a great teacher that I’m so excited to tell you about Engagement Check-In, now included in Campus Learning from Infinite Campus. Campus now lets you pick questions and give them to your students so they can quickly give you a sense of their well-being, engagement in class and/or engagement with the curriculum. When your students respond, you can filter their answers to see who might need a follow up. You’ll also have their feedback when making curriculum choices because you let them give voice to their preferences and learning styles. 

Learn how to create an Engagement Check-in and view student responses in this video or read about it in this documentation.  

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