Ask Question allows students to reach out

Ask Question is available to teachers when their district enables it in Portal Preferences on Campus version .2104. Not sure what version you are on? Click here to learn how to find out. 

NEW! Questions: If your district has enabled this for you to use, you have the option to enable it yourself in settings for each period that appears on your Control Center (see below). Once it’s enabled, a new button appears in the Control Center.  

Here’s what the Student Questions button looks like once it’s been enabled in Settings for a period. 

When enabled, students in every section in the period see a similar hand button in Campus Student. Students can use the button to ask you a question or just let you know they’d like your help. This setting turns on the button for all students in all sections in the period. 

When the button appears with an orange circle with a number, a student or students are telling you they want your attention. Click the button to find out which students have asked a question or raised their hand. 

If you have students physically present in your classroom, you can use this feature to let your students ask for your help during quiet work time and it may also help your students who may be reluctant to raise their hand and let their peers see they’re asking for your help. Of course, students working remotely can ask you a question or raise their hand and you’re able to see that and respond. 

Typing a response and clicking Reply sends the response to the student. When a response isn’t needed, clicking Dismiss removes the student’s comment or question from the list of questions. 

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