No more Grade Book double-entering for teachers using Google Classroom

Google announced they are making Google Classroom Grade Sync available to all districts using Infinite Campus on August 11, 2020. The connection was previously only available to districts participating in Google’s beta program. 

What does this mean for teachers? First, there’s some setup your district and you need to do (see below). Once you are all set up, your Google Classroom gradebook will talk to your Infinite Campus Grade Book – no more re-entering assignments and scores in Infinite Campus! All you need to do is click the “sync” button in Google Classroom, confirm each assignment is aligned as you desire in Campus, and you are done! 

Other things teachers need to know: 

  • Your district needs to have a Campus Learning license for your Campus admin to enable the connection. 
  • Configuring the connection between Infinite Campus and Google Classroom must be done by your district’s Campus admin and your district’s Google Classroom admin. In some districts these roles are performed by the same person, but some districts split this work between two people. 
  • Once both Campus and Classroom are connected by your district, teachers will need to do one-time setup in Classroom. Instructions from Google on how it works are available here. After it’s set up, you should see a “sync” button in the upper left of your Google Classroom gradebook. 
  • In Campus, you need to manage uncategorized assignments or can set some defaults for uncategorized assignments so they are more likely to automatically align properly. Click here to learn more. 

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