Teacher reports keep getting better

Generating reports for students, for parents/guardians, or for you as a teacher as you plan instruction are all so important. That’s why a project here at Infinite Campus to improve reports for teachers is ongoing. And at the beginning of January, more improvements were made. 

Before I delve into the specifics, I want to let you know where the ideas for these improvements came from – they came from you! Teachers who submit feedback through the survey on the Control Center offer up suggestions of enhancements to make their lives easier. In this case, all the responses about Reports were compiled and one of our development teams took ownership of those ideas. Over time, as many of the ideas as possible will be addressed. Later, I will have an entire post on that process, but for now, let’s get into what changes were made to Reports! 

One enhancement is the ability to save options selected in a report as a template. If, for example, you print the Student Summary Report every week for students, but only require they take it home every four weeks for a signature, you could create a template of the take home version so you don’t need to spend any extra time trying to remember what changes you need to make. 

Another enhancement is more reports can now be generated for multiple sections at once. Now Section Summary and Student Summary reports have been updated in this way. 

A drop down list has been added at the top of the editor to let teachers switch between reports without leaving the report editor. If you have to generate multiple types of reports at once, this saves time and clicks. 

In the past, the Roster Report, which is commonly used by teachers, wasn’t accessible with all the other reports in Campus Instruction. It now is and can be found using the drop down list as shown in the image above, or from the list of reports from the Reports page as shown below. 

One final enhancement is the option to generate a report for a student group or student groups. This has been added to all reports with a student selector(Blank Spreadsheet, Flagged Assignments, Grade Book Export, Grades Report, Missing Assignments, Report Card, Roster Labels, Scored Rubrics, Section Summary, Student Assessment Summary, and Student Summary). You can see in the image below, a blank spreadsheet can be generated for one or more of the Book Club groups in this class. 

Keep your feedback coming and follow this blog to find out when other tools for teachers added or improved. 

For information about the last round of improvements to Reports that came out in May 2019, click here.

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