New for teachers in 2019

With the new year, I’d like to take a look back at the new features and tools Infinite Campus provided teachers in 2019. 

Advisory Tool 

Most teachers advise, mentor or coach students in some capacity, right? The Advisory Tool gives teachers a better picture of the whole student. See a student’s attendance, in-progress grades, and assignments in their profile. Not sure which students in your class are struggling in one of their classes? Look at your whole class and see who has missinglate assignments, or failing grades. Continue to watch this space – there’s more coming to Advisory in February! 

Changes to Reports 

Do you use the same Reports time and again and want to just have it there and ready to go for you? Changes to Reports allows you to mark favorites, and print multiple sections, saving you all kinds of time. It will also remember the options you chose last time so if you want the same report, it’s already set up. Additionally, you can filter by type to help you find what you are looking for faster. Want to customize a blank spreadsheet by entering column headers? You can do that too! 

Updates to Control Center 

Our development team pored over your feedback and made a host of changes. Most of the changes were suggestions that came directly from teachers! Read the blog post and this documentation for all the details. 

Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics 

Scoring Rubrics are awesome for evaluating student work and providing feedback to students. Now, with Score Analysis, you can look at how the entire class performed. How many students were proficient on the first criterion? Who wasn’t? Right from there, you can generate a list, create student groups and begin differentiating.   

Score Analysis for Quick Assessments 

Score Analysis for Quick Assessments shows the breakdown of how students responded to each individual question. Drill in to see who chose answer C on the third question to help you plan your next lesson. Check out this documentation for more information. 

Overhaul of Discussions 

Discussions are now more versatile and are easier to set up than before. Additionally, anyone in the discussion can flag inappropriate comments to help provide a safe and respectful space to share ideas. 

Multi-Score Editor in Progress Monitor  

For teachers using standards-based grading in the Progress Monitor, the new Multi-Score Editor made scoring assignments faster by providing more fill options and Rapid Scoring view with easy keyboard navigation.  

New Score Screen in Progress Monitor 

A new scoring screen was also added to the Progress Monitor which allows teachers to view all assignments and all alignments for an entire section in a term. Add scores and flags there and manage your view by sorting and filtering. There’s also a search option so you can find a particular assignment fast. 

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