Happy holidays! 

Happy holidays!  

It’s getting to be the final push before winter break – one of the most hectic times of the year. You are wrapping up units, evaluating assessments and projects, and leading or attending concerts, ceremonies and other annual events. It’s exciting and exhausting. Plus, you are always aware of the kids who aren’t excited about the break. A break for some means uncertainty and/or inconsistent meals, shelter and safety. They might be acting out in class. This time of the year can also be sad and stressful.  

You will do your best to do all the things you need to do before break. Over break many of you will also continue planning lessons, evaluating student work, and coaching or helping students in other ways. I’m not the sort of person who wants to tell you what to do, but after my years teaching and numerous breaks where I spent the first half sick and recovering and the second half working, I do want to remind you to take some time for yourself.  

To be there for your students, you need to be healthy and refreshed after break. How you become refreshed is different for everyone. It might mean spending time with family, finding time to exercise or volunteer, or meeting up with old friends. And, yes, it can also mean reading all those student essays so they aren’t hanging over your head – but try to strike a balance.  

Whatever you do over your break, I hope you come back rejuvenated and ready to give your students your best. 


In honor of winter break, Teachers On Campus will also be taking a little break. Please go through the old posts to see what was new for teachers in 2019 or 2018 with Infinite Campus and Campus Learning if you haven’t had the chance. I’ll be back in January to share more teacher stories and introduce exciting new tools for teachers in 2020!  

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