November brings new tools for teachers!

Version .1945 includes a new Advisory tool, Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics, and a new Score screen in Progress Monitor

November is bringing more new features to teachers who use Infinite Campus! All Campus teachers have a new tool: the Advisory tool. For teachers with the Campus Learning LMS, there are two new additions: Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics and the Score Screen in Progress Monitor. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll recall I previewed the Score Screen last month.

These changes are all included in Campus.1945. Not sure what version of Campus you are on? Click hereto learn how to find out.  

Advisory Tool 

The Advisory tool is available to all of you using Campus Instruction Feature 1945Campus and is helpful for any class in which you act as an adviser, like AVID, homeroom, or study hall. When your Campus administrator gives you advisory rights to your class(es), you’ll be able to see information about all the students’ classes. 

CI_Advisory_1945 (002)

When looking at a section as a whole, you see an overview of all missing assignments, late assignments and non-passing grades. Use the filter buttons above the table to filter the columns. Sort the table by clicking the row headers. 


Clicking on a student name displays their profile. This gives you a quick look at basic student information, in-progress grades, the student’s to-do list, and attendance. Clicking on any of those will take you to more detailed information. 

I can think of so many situations where this tool will be helpful! Not only as an Advisory teacher, but I would have used this all the time as an AVID elective teacher. As a part of AVID, we were doing grade checks regularly. If you teach study hall – you can see each student’s to do list! 

We know you act as an adviser or mentor to students outside a class called Advisory. That’s why your Campus system administrator can enable this tool for any or all of your classes. 

Have three minutes to learn more? Watch this video for the details. If you’d rather have a guided tour via simulation, click here

Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics 

Scoring that final piece of student work feels good. Campus Learning Feature 1945You’re done … sort of. What’s next? That depends on how the students did. But how do you analyze those scores efficiently? For that, I have great news! Score Analysis has expanded to Scoring Rubrics! After you evaluate student work using Scoring Rubrics, Score Analysis shows you a summary of the entire section and the option to click on different parts of the rubric to see which students performed at each level on each criterion.  

Scoring Rubrics and Score Analysis are included when your district has licensed the Campus Learning LMS. 

Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics starts with the overview screen shown below. Notice the color-coded distribution bar on the top. The bar is followed by a list of the students and at the bottom is the Scoring Rubric with a count of students who scored at each criterion.  

01 All Students No Filter

Within the Scoring Rubric grid, totals are listed. Click on the cell to see a list of the students with that score. From there you have the option to create a student group and then assign a reteaching, extension, or enrichment activity only to that group of students. 

GB_ScoringRubricsAnalsysisWithStudents_1945 (002)

If you are not familiar with Score Analysis on assignments, click here for an introduction.

For a video on Score Analysis, click here. If you only want to see the part on Scoring Rubrics, that starts 1:46 in. If you’d rather practice using it on a simulation, click here.

New Score screen in Progress Monitor 

There’s a new Score screen in Progress Monitor forCampus Learning Feature 1945 those who use standards-based grading in the Campus Learning LMS. This new screen gives you one screen to enter scores for all students, all standards and all assignments in a section!  

I’ve already written an entire blog post on this new Score screen. Click here for all the details!  

To see a video about Progress Monitor, click here. If you only want to see the part on the new Score screen, that starts at 2:40 in.


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