New Score screen for standards on the way

Progress Monitor to add Score screen

Campus Learning Feature 1945I have some exciting news for those using standards-based grading. In November, Infinite Campus is releasing a new Score screen in Progress Monitor. This new screen gives you one spot to enter scores for all students, all standards and all assignments in a section! 

These changes are part of Campus version .1945 and available to those with a Campus Learning license. Not sure what version of Campus you are on? Click here to learn how to find out. 

Progress Monitor is a standards-based alternative Grade Book. The new Score screen makes entering scores into Progress Monitor faster and updates the proficiency estimate immediately on the same screen so you can quickly identify which standards need to take priority for your students moving forward.  

Standards-based grading generates lots of data which doesn’t always fit nicely into a traditional Grade Book. As you go through the data cycle process to plan what’s next, you realize some students need more time to reach proficiency. You reteach and provide additional chances to show proficiency. But not all students need to retake an entire assessment – some only need to retake part of it – so you individualize your instruction and assessments to meet your students’ needs. This can lead to a very cluttered Grade Book. Progress Monitor’s new Score screen alleviates clutter and makes entering scores a whole lot easier. 


Score screen filter

Filters help you focus on what’s important or what’s going on now. Set up your filters in Progress Monitor and they become available on the Score screen. Having filters minimizes clutter as you enter scores. In addition to choosing a filter, you can also use the “hide standards without assignments” checkbox. Doing so removes standards you aren’t currently assessing – which is really helpful at the beginning of a term. 

From Progress Monitor, click on the Score button to access the new Score screen. 

score screen hover expand

Clicking the Score button opens the Score screen. Here, assignment abbreviations are listed along with all the standards aligned to that assignment. Above, Reading Assignment 1 (RA1) and Reading Assignment 2 (RA2) are displayed, each with five aligned standards. 


Score screen search

Searching for assignments simplifies the scoring screen allowing you to focus on the assignment you wish to score. 

Viewing Proficiency Estimate 

Score screen enter scores

Within the assignment, expand the column to enter scores and see the Proficiency Estimate auto-update. As you enter scores, you immediately see how the new score affects each student’s progress on the standard and begin to plan your next steps to reteach and/or plan extension activities. You also have access to comments and flags here. 

More information

Check out these resources for more information on Progress Monitor.

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Simulation: Enter scores, flags, and comments in Progress Monitor


Look for the new Score screen with your .1945 update and subscribe to this blog to get more information about new tools and enhancements to teacher tools in Campus. 

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