Teachers ‘test drive’ New Look of Campus tools

Campus Instruction Feature 1925Some teachers have already been using and providing feedback on a new look for Campus where all of your tools from Campus Instruction and Campus Tools are available in one place. No more clicking back and forth between! It’s part of a whole new look and feel that is coming to Infinite Campus. We are looking for more teachers to try it out and let us know what you think while it is still in development. It’s safe to do – if you turn it on and don’t like it, you can turn it off and try it again after more changes have been made. 

Who can participate? 

Unfortunately, this is a tricky question to answer. The fastest way for you to find out if you can participate is to see if you can see the words Try New Look” in your User menu. If you can’t, either your district isn’t part of the limited release or your district isn’t part of the limited release yet. You can always check with your district’s Campus administrator to see if you will be able to participate. 

Where do I go to turn Try New Look on? 

When you are logged in, click on the person icon in the upper right for your User menu. If you see “Try New Look” with an OFF/ON switch, you have the option to participate. 


What is different? 

If you toggle the New Look on, all of your tools from Campus Instruction and Campus Tools are available in one place. Along the left side, you will start with fewer options. 


But when you click on one of those bigger categories, you will get all the tools associated with it. For example, clicking on Instruction shows you something like this: 


And clicking on Student shows you something like this: 


Another big change is in searching for students. Before you start your search, an alphabetical list of the students you have access to is available so you can just scroll to the name of the student you’re looking for. 


When you type a name or a part of a name, the search is “smarter” and looks for the best matches for what you enter. For example, when I search for “Ki” it comes back with: 


The search feature has identified both first and last names that start with “Ki” and put them in “Best Match” order. The more you use the search feature, the “smarter” the “Best Match” will become. 

Also, when you are looking at information pertaining to a single student but move away from that page, as long as you don’t choose a different student, Campus will remember what student you were viewing. For example, if you needed to check Kimmie’s schedule and attendance, but in the middle you were interrupted and had to go over to the Grade Book, if you click to attendance from Grade Book, it will remember you were just looking at Kimmie’s information. 

When will these changes take effect? 

The changes as described here will be available with the 1925 release, available this summer. (Not sure what version of Campus you are on? Click here to find out how to tell. And remember, not every district takes an update at the same time. Talk to you district’s Campus admin to find out when you will take the update.) There will be additional functionality added to it over time. More detail on what is available is located on this website. When more features are added, the website will also be updated with the details. 

Why are you making this change? 

These changes streamline things for teachers. It just makes sense! 

How do I let the team working on this know what I think? 

The team developing this new look and feel really wants your feedback! There’s a Feedback button where you would go to turn the New Look on or off, in User menu. 


Give your feedback there as often as you like. Clicking on the frowny or smiley face will give the team some information, but what you type in is what really makes a difference. Those details give the team a much better idea of what challenges you face and the ideas you have about what might make it better. 


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