We hear you! Control Center evolves with ideas from teachers

We’re releasing a slew of enhancements to the Campus Instruction Feature 1925Control Center with the 1925 release, available later this month. (Not sure what version of Campus you are on? Click here to find out how to tell. And remember, not every district takes an update at the same time. Talk to your district’s Campus admin to find out when you will see these changes.) If you’re a teacher, this is the first screen you see after you login to Campus. The thing I’m most excited about is all of the things we made better were asked for by you and your colleagues! 

The suggestions came in primarily from the feedback button located on the Control Center. They were compiled and given to the team that was working on enhancements. They pored over them and worked to incorporate as many as possible. Below is a list of some of the changes. 

On the Control Center Home page, you see: 

Click to take Attendance for a section, you see 

And, if photos are enabled:

  • Smaller student photos so the rows are not quite so big

Click into Assignments to enter scores, you see: 

Additionally, you have the: 

  • Ability to expand or collapse for multiple sections; and  
  • Clicking on the row takes you to the appropriate screen to enter scores. If there are submissions, clicking on the row takes you right to the submissions screen. If there isn’t a submission and you are using a mobile device, it takes you to a side panel to enter scores. If there isn’t a submission and you are using a computer, it takes you to the multi-score screen

Click into a specific assignment, you see: 


  • The standard or grading task name in its entirety if you hover over the truncated name. If it’s a standard, the rubric associated to that standard will also display 
  • If the assignment is aligned to more than one standard or grading task, you can expand or collapse the list 

Your feedback helped make these changes to the Control Center and changes throughout all the teacher tools. Please keep your feedback coming so we can continue to make the improvements to help you help students find success! 

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