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Guest blogger Katie Pimlott makes Campus easier to understand

Greetings teachers! My name is Katie and I’m the technical writer for the Teaching & Learning team – the area of Infinite Campus that builds tools for teachers, parents, and students. I write the stuff that Cathy often links to that gives more detail of what her post is talking about.  

Katie Pimlott

I’ve worked at Infinite Campus for 8 years and I’ve loved being part of an innovative, fun team that approaches work with integrity. As the daughter of high school teachers, I enjoy being involved in education from another perspective, providing tools that help teachers streamline their work and find new avenues to their end goal of educating students. I’m going to be joining Cathy from time to time as a guest blogger, sharing a bit of my perspective on Campus and how I write about it. 

Most of what I produce is available through the Campus Community – if it’s a piece of documentation about Campus Instruction or Campus Learning, chances are I wrote it. I’m also the go-to “word person” for our development teams, providing guidance for warning/error messages and other on-screen text.  

As an example, I’d like to share an article I wrote recently for the Community, which some teachers using Campus might find helpful: Commenting in Campus Instruction. To write this article, I poked around Campus Instruction and found all the different places teachers can enter comments, and then traced them to the Campus Student Portal to see what they look like to students. So if you’ve ever wondered where all your comments and feedback are going, hopefully this article has the answer. If not, click the Feedback button to the right of the article and let me know! Enjoy! 

A little bonus background info on me: I grew up in the Minneapolis area and studied English and American Studies at Grinnell College in Iowa and Technical Communication at the University of Minnesota. I love exploring the awesome Minneapolis/St Paul restaurant scene, I’m obsessed with podcasts, and I am, predictably, bookish.   

Have a question about Campus or something you’d like to learn more about? Wondering what to read or listen to next? Coming to the Twin Cities and want a recommendation of where to eat? Let me know in the comments! I’m looking forward to new way to engage with teachers. Thank you for all you do! 

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