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Thank you to all the teachers who submitted feedback to Infinite Campus! Many teachers submit feedback every day, sometimes through a feedback button in Campus or through Campus Community. Even though you might not get a response right away, know your comments are read, compiled, and given to a development team when they begin a new project. This is exactly what happened with Reports. 

I am excited to tell you about some of the changes coming.  

Remembering the settings 

Soon, when you open a report, the report settings screen checkboxes will be the same as the settings you used the last time you generated that report. 

When I was teaching, there were some reports I used all the time. I usually had a standard way of setting up my reports. There were fields I wanted to include and those I didn’t and they were almost always the same. And each time I needed that report I had to remember all the settings so I would get the report I wanted and not waste a bunch of paper. It was frustrating because I was always in a rush. Students were handing in work at the last minute because a parent was coming to talk with me or I was trying to get as many essays graded and scores entered as I could before I had to be in my assigned seat for parent teacher conferences in the cafeteria. Making me remember my report settings just seemed kind of dumb. 

With the coming changes, when you open a report, all your settings from the last time you generated that report will be there. The only thing you need to choose every time is your section and students. 

Easier navigation 

Do you sometimes have trouble finding the right report? Maybe you only use it a few times a year and don’t remember what it’s called. Soon, you will be able to filter the Reports bcategoryand choose favorites that will always be in your favorites list.

New Reports page
You will notice the difference when you first click into Reports! Once you star your favorites, they will be listed along the left side. Plus, at the top, you will be able to filter the reports into categories so you can find what you need faster. 

New look 

In addition to the Reports page improvementseach individual report is better. Even the most complicated reports, like the Student Summary and Section Summary, have been redesigned so they are easier to use.

New Reports complicated
Each report will have a similar layout. Even reports with lots of options, like the Student Summary Report shown here, will be easier to set up. 

Example: Blank Spreadsheets 

There were also some changes to specific reports. The report that elicited the most feedback from teachers was the Blank Spreadsheet report. Some ways this is better now: 

  • Customization of the number of columns (no more 1, 4, 8, 15 – unless you want one of those!) 
  • Option to add titles to each column 
  • Option to combine sections 
  • Can be generated as a Word Doc or CSV 
reports old blank spreadsheet
This image shows the current experience when creating a Blank Speadsheet.
reports blank spreadsheet create
Soon, you will have more options and the page will be easier to navigate.
reports blank spreadsheet
You will be able to choose how many columns and name them in the new Blank Spreadsheet.

These changes will be part of Campus.1921 which will be available to your district near the end of May. Not all districts will be updated at the same time, however. If you want to know when you will see these changes, check with your district Campus administrator to see when your district will take the update.

For more information, check out this documentationsimulation ,or video.

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