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Multi-score Editor replacement coming January 28

Do you score your students’ work against multiple standards? Or are you required to have one score count toward the students’ letter grade for the class and another toward an in-progress grade or a standard? It’s a pain to enter multiple scores. Come January 28, this will be A LOT easier. 

Campus Instruction Feature 1905There will soon be a better way of scoring assignments aligned to multiple standards or grading tasks in Campus Instruction. Introducing the new Multi-score Editor. The Multi-score Editor has been reimagined to be faster and easier to use than before. 

To see the difference, let’s look at an example. The assignment is a Character Essay and it is aligned to four standards. The standards use a Score Type of Rubric. Using the old Multi-score Editor, you would need to use a drop down to choose the Rubric score for each standard. That would be two clicks for each – one to click the drop down and the second to choose the score. And then repeat this for every standard on the assignment. Another click if you need to add a flag. And that’s just the first student!

MultiScore old
The original Multi-score Editor

In the new Multi-score Editor, if there are fewer than 5 scores on the Rubric your district requires you to use, they all appear on the screen so it is a single click to enter the score. There is also both a vertical and horizontal fill button. If all students earned the same score on a standard, you can use the vertical fill option. If a single student earned the same score for all of the standards, there is a horizontal fill button – so all you need to do is choose the score for one standard and then click the fill button. Flags options now appear in a drop down. The screen gives more emphasis to scoring the standards, which you will do for every student and every standard, and less emphasis on the flags, which, according to feedback from teachers like you, is used a lot less than anticipated. 

MultiScore new
The updated Multi-score Editor

This new design will allow you to more quickly enter scores and get back to teaching. If you are scoring on a tablet, it will be even faster – with just a tap, tap, tap across the screen! 

Not everybody wants to click their way through though, which is why there’s another option with the new Multi-score Editor, called Rapid Scoring. In the top right corner, there’s a toggle to turn Rapid Scoring on or off. Rapid Scoring is especially helpful if want to use your keyboard or numeric keypad, arrows and tab key to maneuver around the grid. You have both the vertical and horizontal fill options in Rapid Scoring too. 

Rapid Scoring is a new feature that’s part of the updated Multi-score Editor

In order to use the new Multi-score Editor, make sure your district is on the 1905 release of Campus – it’s available January 28. Don’t know what version you are using? Here’s how you can find out.

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