Happy holidays!

What do you do to recharge and rejuvenate your mind and spirit?

Happy holidays! 

I suspect you are going into this break exhausted, but I hope you also feel the appreciation and gratitude of your students, families and community. I remember receiving many wishes for a happy holiday or a pleasant break, but the ones that stay with me are the unexpected little cards or notes I occasionally received from students. 

One year, I had a sophomore in a reading class who was very creative in avoiding reading. We developed a banter around reading (and not reading) and I was relentless in my effort to find something he would want to read. Finally, in mid-December, I found something that piqued his interest. I don’t remember any more what it was, but I do remember hearing from the librarian that he had gone back to the library to check it out. I didn’t let on that I knew because I didn’t want to jinx it. Shortly before the final bell to winter break, I was working with a group of students and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure move in and out of the room, just going the three or so steps to my desk and out. I walked over to see an envelope. After school, I opened it and found a note from my reluctant reader thanking me. I kept that note in my desk for years. I’ve always felt that the kids who challenge you the most are often the ones who appreciate you the most.  

The families, the community and the people who build the software to help you do your job, appreciate all of the work that you do. I hope as you go on winter break, you have a chance to recharge your batteries and enjoy a little down time with your friends and family. 

What do you do to recharge and rejuvenate your mind and spirit? What advice would you give other teachers about how to get yourself ready to come back in the new year with renewed energy and enthusiasm? Post your thoughts and ideas in the comments – I’d love to post your strategies and ideas for others to consider some time in the spring! 

In honor of winter break, Teachers On Campus will also be taking a little break. Please go through the old posts to see what was new for teachers in 2018 with Infinite Campus and Campus Learning if you haven’t had the chance. I’ll be back in January to share more teacher stories and introduce exciting new tools for teachers in 2019! 

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