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My goal with Teachers On Campus is to provide relevant information to teachers who use Infinite Campus. There tends to be more information here for teachers with access to the Campus Learning LMS because an LMS is more central to your work. But teaching is a whole lot more than just the tools in Campus, so I also include information about topics I think benefit every teacher. In this post I give a shout out to a few of the blogs I follow in the hopes one of them gives you something you need. 

My Island View – Tom Whitby’s blog covers lots of topics including communicating with parents, the use of technology in classrooms, and the evolution of education. This is a great blog for articles on timely and pertinent topics, but always with a focus on what is really important. 

Leadership, Innovation and Divergent Teaching – Mandy Froehlich recently has been focusing a lot on reflection. In addition, some of her posts hit on things that are so important in education because of the relationships you have with your kids. She shares stories about little interactions that are meaningful and the importance of trust when collaborating.   

The Art and Science of Teaching – appears to be a newer blog by Jody Suprenant and I’m happy I found it. I just enjoy reading it. I think it’s relevant to teachers and honest. I appreciate the way she explains the evolution of her processes and procedures. I also like how she has ideas for things you can do in your classroom today. Topics include: retakes, summary sheets and alternatives to the Exit Ticket.

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