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Are you craving information on how to use Infinite Campus more efficiently? Do you feel like there’s more to Campus than you know but you just don’t have time to investigate? As teachers, you don’t have a lot of spare time on your hands, so the new Campus Study Guides for teachers are broken into easy to navigate sections that let you pick and choose what you want to learn more about. 

I know the feeling of being untrained on how to use essential tools. When I started teaching in 2004, I remember my Infinite Campus “training.” The Friday of Opening Week, I was summoned to an assistant principal’s office where I was given my username and password on a Post-it Note. Then, he had me stand at his shoulder as he logged in and showed me how to take attendance. I think it was less than five minutes. I had to figure out the rest on my own. 

A few years later, the training for new teachers was better, but not much. I remember being “volun-told” that I was leading a session on Campus basics for new teachers – “just taking attendance and setting up their Grade Book” – 10 minutes before it was set to start. Once it started, I found out I had 30 minutes and about half of the new teachers had working laptops and login credentials.  

Some districts offer more than that to new teachers, but from responses from teachers all over the country, I’m not alone in my experience. There are many teachers who have told us that they have not received training or they want additional information on what’s available to them or what Infinite Campus can do. I hope more districts will consider training their teachers in how to use Infinite Campus, but there isn’t much I can do to make that happen. I can tell you there are resources and, as of this fall, there are Study Guides available to teachers as well. 

Study Guides – and lots of other resources – are available through Campus Community. In order to access Community, you need a CampusID. Information on both are available here 

So far, there are four Study Guides available: 

Campus Instruction Part 1: The Fundamentals 

This welcome section provides an introduction to all teacher tools and how they are organized. Then it has sections on the Control Center, account settings, attendance, rosters, seating charts and Message Center. 

Campus Instruction Part 2: Grade Book Basics 

In Part 2, you learn about Grade Book, including set up, creating assignments, and entering scores and comments. 

Campus Instruction Part 3: Advanced Grade Book and Posting Grades 

Part 3 includes advanced Grade Book with topics like configuring assignment defaults, filtering and sorting the Grade Book, managing and using section groups and copying student scores. There is a section with lessons on analyzing student performance through, score statistics and score trends as well as sections on posting grades and generating reports. 

Campus Instruction Part 4: Campus Learning 

This guide is all about Campus Learning, the Infinite Campus LMS. Only districts with Campus Learning will have access to these tools. The guide begins with information about what is Campus Learning and then dives into the tools. Campus Learning tools covered in this guide include Planner, Progress Monitor, Score Analysis and Discussions. It also covers additional assignment options with Campus Learning, such as Quick Assessments, scoring online student submissions, Google Drive integration, and more.

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