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Campus Instruction Feature 1837The FAQ page for Teachers On Campus has been updated.

There are lots of reasons a student’s schedule might change mid-term. Maybe there was a mistake and fixing it causes a domino effect of changes. Maybe a teacher recommended a switch out of one class and into an honors or accelerated class. Maybe the counselor is just trying to balance numbers so you don’t have 43 in your first hour and 20 in your third hour. Those changes could also happen any time. Happening on day 2 of the term maybe isn’t a big deal, but when it happens on day 25, after you have assignments and assessments in the Grade Book, it is a big deal. 

Or it was … The Copy Scores tool will let you copy the scores from the previous section to the new section, provided you either teach both the previous section and the new section or the previous section and the new section have the same course name or course number. 

As the teacher of the section the student is moving into, you can view or print a summary of the student’s previous scored assignments and/or use the Copy Scores tool to match assignments and copy scores. 

If you want to learn more, Campus Community has both documentation and a simulation for this new tool.

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