Campus Learning makes scoring Google submissions easy

Goodbye Google Classroom! Now you can do it all with Campus Learning.  

I used Google Classroom with sixth graders. There were things I liked about it and things I didn’t like. I didn’t like how hard it was to implement standards-based grading. How could I align an assignment to more than one standard and provide scores for each standard separately? Google Classroom also made me use points for everything. If you use standards-based grading and want your score to align to multiple standards, you have to add them up instead and figure out a different way to communicate different scores. If your district uses something other than points, what do you do then? I also didn’t like the double entry of scores. Not only is double entry double the work, but it adds another opportunity to make mistakes.   

Now, there’s a better way. With Campus Learning, you’ve been able to deliver content from your Google Drive and receive submissions from students through Campus Student for a long time, and now the process of reviewing the submissions and scoring them is streamlined. If you are scoring on standards, you can view the submission and toggle between standards at the same time. And, when you enter scores, comments, and flags on this screen, they will also go right to the Grade Book. And right to your students and their parents/guardians. 


If you are using points, it’s still all right there. Review the work, enter a score and simply click to view the next submission. The scoring screen puts all students’ assignments in one spot. It’s like having a stack of papers where you can click from one to the next. You can easily flip through the submissions without leaving the screen. Then, all scores are entered into the Grade Book when you save. 


With Google submissions in Campus, in addition to viewing and scoring, you have full access to tools in Google to make comments on the student’s Google Drive submission. You can also choose to write comments that show up in the Campus Grade Book next to the student’s score and are visible to students as well as parents/guardians through Campus Student and Campus Parent.   

Campus will also let you know when you have student submissions to score. On or after the assignment due date, you will be alerted to new submissions in the Control Center by an orange dot. No email alerts filling up your inbox, just an orange dot right on the Control Center where you will be anyway. Clicking on the blue link will open the scoring screen where you will find all of your students’ submissions.   


For more information about scoring submissions, check out these links for documentation , a simulation, or a video.

A CampusID is required – read this post to learn about CampusID.

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