Welcome back!

Welcome back to a new school year!

I hope your school year is off to a great start – and you were able to come back refreshed, ready and able to find everything you stashed away in June so it wouldn’t get lost over the summer. I’d like to offer a start of the year refresher on how Campus works. I’m including an introduction to Campus Community and a quick list of FAQs since it has been a while. And even if you are at an early start school and have been back for few weeks, a refresher might be helpful. 

What is Campus Community? 

There is nothing more frustrating than having a question about how to do something and not knowing where to look to find the answer – especially if you need the answer right now. Campus Community can help you find answers to your questions and I want to help you learn how to use it so you can find answers quickly. 

Campus Community is a free online resource that provides information on how to use Infinite Campus products. It is not just for teachers, but for all Campus users, which means there are thousands of pages of documentation, simulations, videos, and more. That’s great, but it also means if you don’t know where to look, you could get lost and frustrated.   

For a brief introduction to Community, check out this video. 

How do I access Campus Community? 

There are two ways to access the information on Campus Community. 

1.) Clicking on the “?” icon in the green top bar of Campus. Hover over it and it will say “Help.” When you access Campus Community this way, Community “knows” where you’re coming from and will automatically pull relevant information for you to choose from. For example, if you access Community from the Planner, information about the Planner will be the displayed for you. 

2.) For a richer, more in-depth experience, access Community via a web browser. Using a web browser gets you into all of Community, but since that can be overwhelming, I’ve provided direct links to specific documentation below. To use this method, you’ll need a CampusID. 

Why do I need a CampusID? 

A CampusID opens the door to Campus Community. Your CampusID lets you read documentation, view how-to videos and experience simulations as well as sign up for webinars, post questions and share information with Infinite Campus users across the nation. You can even receive email notifications when your subscribed topics receive answers! 

Do I already have a CampusID? 

If you think you already have a CampusID and forgot your username or password, click on the Account Assistance button on the sign-in page for some troubleshooting ideas or to reset your password. Just remember, it’s a national system, so someone else may have taken your “jsmith” login – it’s not tied to your district login. 

How do I create a CampusID? 

If you don’t have a CampusID, you can create one through the Community login area of the Campus application. When logged into Campus, click on the arrow next to Instruction in the upper left corner to display a link to Community. You will need to create a username and password and provide some basic information like your email, your city and your role in the school. It is really easy and will only take a couple of minutes.  

Community instruction

How do I find what I’m looking for in Campus Community? 

Community has information for all Campus users. As a teacher, there’s probably a lot of information there you aren’t interested in. Try starting by using the links below. 

If you’re interested in a topic I haven’t linked, here are some options on how to start. When you log in to Community you are brought to the home page with news and events. Click on Knowledge Base to search for information on Campus.  You can also navigate through the outline on the left by clicking Campus Instruction near the top or type the tool name in the search bar in the center of the screen. You can filter the results to only certain types of content. If you prefer videos, for example, you can filter the results to only show you videos on that topic. 


Questions for the beginning of the school year 

Once you have your CampusID, use the direct links below to find answers to questions often asked at the beginning of the year. I pulled these FAQs together based on what most teachers need to know at the start of school. These links are also on my new FAQ page, which you can get to by clicking the FAQ link at the top of each page of this blog. Keep looking back as more FAQs are added! 

Remember, your district determines what Campus tools you see. If you read about a tool or feature on Community but can’t find it when you log into Campus, talk to your district’s Campus coach, IT or Help Desk to see if you have access. 

How do I copy categories from last year? 

Before you can create or copy assignments, you need categories to put them in. In some cases, districts set up categories for their teachers. If that’s the case, you may not be able to copy, add or edit any of the categories – but you also don’t need to worry about creating them. If your district hasn’t set them up, you can enter categories yourself, and if you want to use the same categories you used last year, you can use the Category Copier. Learn how through the Category Copier Simulation.

How do I create categories? 

If your district hasn’t set categories up for you, you can create as many as you’d like. And it’s best to figure out how you want to categorize your assignments before you begin. To create categories, click on Grade Book and open the Settings tab (look for the blue bar near the Save button), then click Categories.  To see how it’s done, check out this simulation.

How do I copy assignments from last year? 

After you have categories set up, you can copy assignments. 

What is the quickest way to take attendance? 

There are several ways to take attendance and what is the quickest depends on what works for you. You can use a computer or a mobile device to take attendance. 

Control Center: In the Control Center, the sections that need attendance taken have an orange button next to the word “Take.” After attendance has been taken, it displays a green circle with a check. Click the “Take” button and scroll through your roster. This method works well on a mobile device. For images and further description, see the documentation on the Control Center.

Attendance: When you click on the Attendance, choose the period and take attendance by roster. If you have created a seating chart, you can click on “Seating Chart” to take attendance by the seating chart. To learn more, watch this video on taking attendance.

How do I see which kids are in my classes? 

To see your roster, you can click on Roster or Grade Book to see a list of the students in each section. 

How do I send welcome messages out to my kids? 

Follow this link to documentation on sending messages to students and parents.

How do I start creating assignments? 

There are several ways to create assignments. 

You can create an assignment from the Grade Book.

You can create an assignment from Planner.

You can create an assignment from Progress Monitor.

Which of my kids are special ed?  

If your district uses Campus for IEPs, you’re on the student’s IEP team in Campus, and the student’s IEP in Campus is locked, an icon will show on your Roster. Clicking this icon may allow you to view the IEP. But this may not be true for you because your district says how information regarding a student’s special education status is shared in Campus. Decisions regarding how to display this information could depend on the state and school district’s interpretation of FERPA law. 

I used to have access to Planner. Now I don’t. Where did it go? 

Planner is only available to teachers with a Campus Learning license. Starting July 1 2018, Infinite Campus has two options for teachers: Campus Instruction and Campus Learning. For information on these two options, click here.  Even if your district has Campus Learning, they choose which tools you see. If you have Campus Learning but you can’t see Planner, talk to your Campus administrator or Help Desk for access. 

I used to be able to add assignment descriptions and access Planner. Now I can’t. Where did it go? 

The assignment description (the For Students area on an Assignment) is only available to teachers with a Campus Learning license. Starting July 1 2018, Infinite Campus has two options for teachers: Campus Instruction and Campus Learning. For information on these two options, click here. Even if your district has Campus Learning, they choose which tools you see. If you have Campus Learning but you can’t see assignment descriptions, talk to your Campus administrator or Help Desk for access. 

I have questions. Can I get help? 

To get help within your building or district: 

Each district has its own policy and procedures. Normally there is someone at each building who will serve as a building coach and a teacher coach who has been trained to help staff with any questions regarding Campus. Many districts also have an IT Desk or Help Desk that is also set up to answer your questions.  

To get help from Campus: 

There are two ways you can get help from Campus. 

1.) Forums in Campus Community – Everyone with a CampusID has access to the Forums. These give you the opportunity to reach out to other Campus users.  It’s a space to ask questions and share ideas and helpful information. You will find teachers and administrators from around the country offering to help, including Nola, our Campus Community Administrator. You can click around to find the forums that fit your interests. You may even find state and local user groups that will help keep you in the know.

If you want to go to a specific forum you can use the links below: 

Campus Instruction 

Grade Book 



 2.) If your district has an Infinite Campus University (ICU) subscription, you have access to help over the phone. Just call us!

To find out if you have an active ICU subscription, go into Community, click on the ICU link in the toolbar. Once you are in ICU, the toolbar will show Subscription: Active. If you don’t know the phone number to ICU, contact your Campus administrator or Help desk.  


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