Introducing Campus Learning Home

With Campus Learning comes a new resource for teachers – Campus Learning Home.

Campus Learning Home is your first stop as a teacher in learning about Infinite Campus and the tools that are included with your Campus Learning license. Campus Learning is growing and expanding quickly, so we wanted a way to get information out to you that is easy to find and use. You don’t have time to search for information about Campus Learning. You want to use Campus Learning to assist in delivering content, analyzing and scoring student work and providing feedback to students and parents/guardians. And when new tools are available, you want information about what they do and how to use them that’s easy to find and easy to understand.

CampusLearning Home

That’s why Campus Learning Home was created.

Campus Learning Home currently has six sections. You can quickly decide if any of them are of interest and worth further investigation. The six sections will evolve over time and more content will become available. To start, the sections are:

  • Events and Opportunities – Find out if there is an event happening near you or if there are any online opportunities. Currently, you can sign up for usability testing or, if you have ICU access, check out Teacher Tuesday webinars.
  • What’s New? – Read a short description and link to information about a recent addition or modification to Campus Learning.
  • Teachers on Campus blog – Link back to the blog. Look back through recent or older posts, submit story ideas, or nominate a colleague for some well-deserved recognition.
  • Campus Community – Your Campus ID allows you access to quick links to the newest or most popular or trending tutorials.
  • Social Media – Follow Infinite Campus on Twitter or Facebook and get updates through social media.
  • Grading Services – No more double entry of assignments! Learn more about Grading Services by clicking the link or watching the video.

This site is just the first step in providing teachers with easy to find information. As tools and opportunities continue to grow, expect Campus Learning Home to grow and change too.

How to access Campus Learning Home

When you are logged into Infinite Campus, click on the user person icon in the top right corner. A drop down menu appears. If you have a Campus Learning license, Campus Learning Home is one of the options there.

CL Home

Regardless of whether you have a Campus Learning license or not, you can click here to go directly to Campus Learning Home.

Are you looking for something specific? Comment on this blog post to let us know if there is additional information you want to see or easily access through Campus Learning Home.

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