Use rubrics? We need your help!

I am on a mission to gather your insights on the use of scoring rubrics to help our development team as they build a rubric-scoring tool this summer. Your help is needed because I know there are many ways teachers use scoring rubrics. The schools I taught in had guidelines around scoring – but the guidelines were different at the different schools. I want to understand your needs so this becomes a tool you are excited to use!

How can you help? 

To start, I put together a survey to get some basic information to make sure our developers have a variety of voices and experiences to draw on as they strive to make the best rubric-scoring tool possible. They also need sample scoring rubrics you have used with your students. The survey lets you attach samples. Usually our developers have lots of follow-up questions so if you’re willing to help us that way, please include your contact information.

What are we doing? 

Developers at Infinite Campus are working on a new tool so teachers can use rubrics with their Campus Learning assignments. I imagine it as a communication tool from beginning to end. It can be visible to students and parents/guardians when the assignment is assigned and then it can be used as the tool to score and provide feedback on the student’s work. Like a paper copy of a scoring rubric, you will be able to indicate the student’s performance and give feedback. Only instead of circling, X-ing or otherwise indicating the level of proficiency, you will be able to score with a click.

Why do we need your help? 

As usual, teaching is complicated. Some of you teach in standards-based grading schools, where you measure against proficiency and don’t use points at all. Some of you have a hybrid system where you are standards-based, but the levels are converted to points and the points are converted to a traditional letter grade. Some of you have rubrics that include criteria not associated with standards. And some of you use a combination of all of these or use rubrics in ways we haven’t imagined.

Please help! 

This is a great opportunity to help Campus helpNav-Getting Started 3 teachers, students and parents! You can help us make a rubric scoring tool that works for you, your students and their parents, your school and your district. We want to make rubrics easier!

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