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Simple, but so hard to do

Standards-based grading makes a lot of sense. So why does it end up being so hard? It seems so simple. You have a set of standards to teach and you want to ensure that every student has multiple opportunities to learn, practice, show growth and ultimately show proficiency for each standard. Not all students will learn in the same way or need the same amount of practice so you want to be flexible and patient, but also creative because you need to keep the students who show proficiency engaged in extending their understanding or moving them on to the next thing.

It’s simple. But it’s so complicated.

The Progress Monitor allows teachers in standards-based classrooms to view students’ proficiency at a glance and easily manage assignments across all standards in a section.

If you are in a middle school or high school, you could easily have 150 students to monitor (and yes, these numbers can be way higher). If each of your classes has (we will use some easy numbers) 10 graded standards for the term, instead of keeping track of one grade per student, you are now keeping track of 10 grades per student – that’s 1,500 grades! Each term!

Campus Grade Book has “worked” for standards-based grading for a long time. You were able to separate out each standard onto its own Grade Book page, which is important, so you can track progress for each. But, because each standard ended up with its own page, you literally ended up with 10 Grade Books for each section you taught. Not helpful!

Introducing Progress Monitor

In the new Progress Monitor, you see your students’ progress toward proficiency on all standards on one screen, and you can click in to see details. When some students have met proficiency but others need more time and practice, you can create individualized assignments and assign them only to the students who need them.
QT Progress Monitor

What you can do with Progress Monitor

If you have a parent/guardian coming in for a conference, instead of toggling between standards pages in Grade Book, use Progress Monitor. Just search for the student and display only that student’s progress. Click into a standard from that view and see only that student’s scores on assignments aligned to the standard.

To see progress for the entire class, clicking into the standard will give you quick access to each of the assignments aligned to that standard as well as a link to Score Analysis for individual assignments or all of those assignments. Score Analysis allows you to see a distribution of student scores on an assignment and visually break down how students performed.

There are other features that can make your life easier too – like the ability to highlight certain assignments. The highlighting feature allows you to answer questions like:

  • Did I cover all the standards? (click to highlight No Assignments)
  • Do I have assignments I haven’t scored? (click to highlight Unscored)
  • Which students owe me work? (click to highlight Missing)
  • Who has turned in work I need to score? (click to highlight Submissions)

Click here to see a video on Progress Monitor.

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