Video showcasing the “New Look” for teachers

Back in June, I posted about the “new look” of Campus for teachers. That post is chock full of information about the new experience with lots of screenshots and links to additional information. This new way of navigating around Campus is available to many teachers today, and now there’s a video overview available. Take a look! 

Teacher reports keep getting better

Generating reports for students, for parents/guardians, or for you as a teacher as you plan instruction are all so important. That’s why a project here at Infinite Campus to improve reports for teachers is ongoing. And at the beginning of January, more improvements were made. 

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Free training waiting for you!

I’m excited to announce a free, new, on-demand training offering for teachers provided by Infinite Campus! 

If you are new to Infinite Campus or feel it has a lot to offer that you aren’t taking advantage of, this is a great first step in learning some of the basics. The training offers sections on: basic navigation, account settings, taking attendance, and Grade Book. Learn the ins and outs of the tools you use every day to become more efficient and save time. 

Because we know how busy you are, the training is broken up into short sections that can be completed in just a few minutes here and there. It’s easy to start, stop and go back to it when you have a little more time. Plus, it keeps track of how far you’ve gotten so you know right where you left off, or, if you jumped around a little bit, what sections you completed.  

Click here for instructions on how to navigate to the free training. If you already have a Campus Community login, you will be able to click to the training when you are logged in to Infinite Campus. If you don’t have a Campus Community account, you will need to create one. It only takes a minute. After you do, it will be linked to Infinite Campus and will be available whenever you are logged in. 

SuperTeachers inform training 

Shortly before this training became available, the Infinite Campus SuperTeachers had a sneak peek and were able to provide feedback. Their feedback helped the training team improve the experience for teachers.  

Their work isn’t done, though. When additional training modules are ready they will be giving us their valuable feedback. We know new training created for teachers has to work for teachers, so having the SuperTeachers involved in the development process is essential. 

You can help 

You also have the chance to provide feedback. At the end of the training, there is a link to a survey. Your comments will help make future training tools better! 

Additional information 

This new training is part of Campus Passport, a new training offering available in July 2020. For more information on Campus Passport, talk to your district’s Campus administrator. 

New for teachers in 2019

With the new year, I’d like to take a look back at the new features and tools Infinite Campus provided teachers in 2019.  Continue reading “New for teachers in 2019”

Happy holidays! 

Happy holidays!  

It’s getting to be the final push before winter break – one of the most hectic times of the year. You are wrapping up units, evaluating assessments and projects, and leading or attending concerts, ceremonies and other annual events. It’s exciting and exhausting. Plus, you are always aware of the kids who aren’t excited about the break. A break for some means uncertainty and/or inconsistent meals, shelter and safety. They might be acting out in class. This time of the year can also be sad and stressful.   Continue reading “Happy holidays! ”

Infinite Campus Partners with Spring Lake Park High School: A series

Part 2: The students

This series of blog posts is a little different than what I usually write. The first post in the series explains how it is different and tells the story of the teachers of Spring Lake Park High School (SLPHS) involved in a partnership with Infinite Campus. This post gives voice to the students in the class and the final post introduces a few Infinite Campus employees and lets them share what they learned from the partnership. 


Throughout the course of last school year, students in the Technology, Engineering and Design Pathways class at SLPHS visited Infinite Campus twice – once for a tour and to participate in some usability testing and a second time to participate in a Python coding workshop.   Continue reading “Infinite Campus Partners with Spring Lake Park High School: A series”

November brings new tools for teachers!

Version .1945 includes a new Advisory tool, Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics, and a new Score screen in Progress Monitor

November is bringing more new features to teachers who use Infinite Campus! All Campus teachers have a new tool: the Advisory tool. For teachers with the Campus Learning LMS, there are two new additions: Score Analysis for Scoring Rubrics and the Score Screen in Progress Monitor. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll recall I previewed the Score Screen last month.

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Teachers discuss their use of Campus Learning tools at Minnesota conference

Minnesota Educators Academy (MEA) was held on Oct. 17, 2019. It was a beautiful day in downtown St. Paul.

Last week two groups of teachers highlighted Campus Learning tools at the Minnesota Educators Academy (MEA) Conference held at the RiverCentre in St. Paul, MN. The annual conference, hosted by the state’s union of educators, draws teachers from across Minnesota.  Continue reading “Teachers discuss their use of Campus Learning tools at Minnesota conference”

Minnesota teachers: free training at MEA!

Learn about Campus Learning at Minnesota Educator Academy (MEA) and get free stuff!

There are two sessions at MEA this year focusing on how teachers are using Campus Learning tools! MEA is on Thursday, Oct. 17 at St. Paul RiverCentre. It is free and open to all Education Minnesota members and aspiring educators.   Continue reading “Minnesota teachers: free training at MEA!”

New Score screen for standards on the way

Progress Monitor to add Score screen

Campus Learning Feature 1945I have some exciting news for those using standards-based grading. In November, Infinite Campus is releasing a new Score screen in Progress Monitor. This new screen gives you one spot to enter scores for all students, all standards and all assignments in a section!  Continue reading “New Score screen for standards on the way”